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Apple Store

Should You Get AppleCare?

You just bought that shiny new iPhone, iPad or MacBook computer. Sure, Apple already offers one of the best warranties in the industry, full one year warranty on all of their devices. They also offer their own extended warranties, called AppleCare. Should you buy it? Is it worth the extra money? ...(more)

The Puzzles of Your Rotating Screen

Rotating screen is one of the features of some mobile Apple products. This feature lets users view sites, photos, and videos in both portrait and landscape orientation with ease. It also makes it easier to navigate and use programs on your iPad, iPod, and iPhone. This is a valuable feature for users like you to enjoy your everyday surfing and viewing habits. However, this feature can be annoying because the screen can rotate even with your slightest movement and may disrupt your viewing pleasure....(more)

Compatible Formats for iBooks

In the world of electronics and technology there are variety of electronic reading devices (eReaders) and electronic book formats (eBooks). Apple has an application that allows you to read electronic books and purchase them through their iTunes store. Apple's iBooks has three formats it is compatible with. Their store offers freshly released books and a large selection free books as well. Now your iPad, iPod, or iPhone can be your traveling library....(more)

Wi¯Fi and Cellular Connections Determine iPad Prices

The Apple iPad is a tablet computer that is very popular but also expensive compared to other tablets. When comparing prices between models, you should know that the device is configured with two connectivity options. You need to consider the two options, review your habits, and make allowances for future needs in order to select the right model. Taking the time to do this enables you to have the capabilities you want without paying more than you need to....(more)


Using Apple Maps on OS X Mavericks and iOS: Viewing Traffic Conditions

Accidents and traffic jams are high on any driver's list of things to avoid. Both the OS X Mavericks and the iOS versions of Apple Maps will allow you to view which routes are flowing freely, and where the backups are....(more)

How to Use Skype Video Messaging on iOS and Mac

The latest versions of Skype for iOS and OS X let you keep in touch with your family and friends by sending them video messages. You can record a short video, edit it if you like, and then send it to the recipient....(more)

Using Skype on Your Mac

As a Mac user, you've probably used FaceTime to make video calls with your Mac and iOS user friends. But how do you stay in touch with your Windows or Android using friends? They can't use FaceTime, what can you do? Enter Skype....(more)

OS X Software

Cataloging Your DVD and Blu-Ray Collection Using Your Mac

While many movie lovers have gone all digital download for their movies, many of us still prefer to purchase and collect movies and TV shows on Blu-Ray and DVD discs. But how can we keep track of our collections?...(more)

5 Great Internet Radio Apps for Your Mac That You May Not Have Heard Of

Radio was the original entertainment option at the dawn of the electronic age. Even with all the advances in technology, radio continues to be a popular option for entertaining yourself....(more)

Completely Uninstalling Apps From Your Mac

Are you new to the Mac from another operating system? While it may have been tough to get rid of every vestige of a deleted app on some operating systems, you're going to see that it's much simpler on the Mac....(more)

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